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Why FFX®

Compatible lenders and borrowers need a better way to connect.

Lending is unprofitable and supply is short.

Interest rates and home prices are driving down loan application numbers. When leads do convert, record-high loan production expenses prevent lenders from turning a profit.

Intent and capacity are hard to quantify.

Lenders spend too much time sifting through expensive leads that provide poor ROI because consumers are either unqualified or unready to transact.

Millions are unfairly 
left out.

Outdated standards exclude millions of lendable consumers who have low credit scores or nontraditional income but can sustainably support a mortgage.

How FFX® Helps

Stack the odds in your favor.

Stop sifting through applications. FFX cuts to the chase, delivering high-intent borrowers and inviting lenders to compete directly and transparently for their business. Make faster, more accurate loan decisions and be part of a transformative marketplace that drives profitability and inclusivity.