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Less discrimination, more opportunities


Americans can’t be scored by a traditional credit bureau


of Americans pay for utilities


of US adults have a bank account

How RIKI® Helps

Less risk, more qualified loans

Lenders use alternative credit factors like rent payment or residual income history to qualify loans. Loan-seekers share data directly from financial institutions so you can serve those otherwise not offered equal opportunities.

RIKI® Helps Lenders

A portfolio of people, not numbers

RIKI® helps you lend safely while uncovering underserved communities by using spending habits that traditional credit agencies ignore.

Lend Confidently

RIKI® expands the information you use to underwrite loans. The more data you have, the less risk there is.

Lend Competitively

With widened credit parameters like ability to pay, you can take less risks and offer more competitive loans.

Lend Efficiently

Find new opportunities in your data with existing customers and create new lending opportunities while reducing risk.

Lend Inclusively

Marginalized folks who are unfairly ignored by traditional credit bureaus become lending opportunities.

Lend Fairly

Using Ability-To-Pay, RIKI® democratizes data to close the wealth gap for low-to-middle income families.

Lend Painlessly

With API-driven access, RIKI® is easy get started with minimal technical effort.

Brent A. Chandler

Founder of FormFree

The current system of credit models governed by the few has only served to widen the gap between those who have access to reliable and affordable lines of credit and those who do not.

Providing bureaus with more non-permissioned data further entrenches the cycle of poverty for marginalized communities. It perpetuates the very system that has determined the outcomes since the 1960’s and we’re worse off today. The very system that has denied millions of people and determined unfair loan outcomes since the 1960’s and we are worse off for it.

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