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Why Passport®

Credit needs an overhaul


of Black Americans have a 619 credit score or lower


Hispanic Americans have a 659 credit score or lower


Americans have no credit score or a credit score too low to get a loan

How Passport® Helps

Be empowered with your data

With Passport® you can anonymize your data and choose when and how to share it with lenders.

How Passport® Works

It’s what’s inside that counts

Passport® runs on financial data like bank history and recurring payments while anonymizing all data before sending it to a lender. This helps people held back by racial bias and a lack of credit history get the same loans as everyone else.

Your Ability to Pay

Rental history, utility payments, and bank history show you can pay for a loan.

Safety in Numbers

Anonymized data prevents discrimination and means lenders can’t sell your data.

A Lending Revolution

We’re removing bias from lending so you can get loans for a car, home, or whatever you need.

Passport Wallet®

We’re so excited to share it with you

Take the first step to joining the lending revolution. The credit you deserve is just a download away.