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FormFree’s Brent Chandler named an Inman Best of Finance award honoree

Fintech founder and CEO recognized for developing technology that makes access to home financing more equitable

FormFree today announced that its founder and CEO Brent Chandler was named to Inman’s 2023 Best of Finance award program, which recognizes the leaders who are reshaping the mortgage and finance industries for both professionals and consumers. The inaugural class of Inman’s Best of Finance winners were honored for their unwavering commitment to innovation and service in the residential mortgage space. 

“For the first time in Inman history, we are shining a spotlight on the companies and individuals helping to raise the bar for mortgage and financial services,” said Emily Paquette, Inman chief executive officer. “Their dedication to the communities they serve is driving change across our industry.”

Inman recognized Chandler for revolutionizing the way lenders operate with FormFree’s Residual Income Knowledge Index™ (RIKI™), which provides insight into consumers’ ability to pay by analyzing borrower-permissioned bank transaction data. RIKI’s groundbreaking capabilities help financial institutions offer a more inclusive path to homeownership for consumers with thin credit files or no credit score.

Chandler was also honored for being the mastermind behind FormFree’s Passport® mobile app. Passport verifies and perpetually updates consumers’ Financial DNA® — identity, assets, income, employment, public records and credit data — in a secure, sharable token. The app puts consumers in control of their self-sovereign financial identity (SSFI) and facilitates seamless sharing with lenders.

“It’s an honor to be recognized by Inman’s Best of Finance award program for the work we are doing at FormFree to revolutionize the way lenders serve fiscally responsible consumers that don’t fit the traditional credit mold,” said Chandler. “RIKI and Passport are important to making home homeownership more inclusive and accessible.”

The complete list of Inman’s 2023 Best of Finance Award winners is available online at

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