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FormFree upgrades Passport Wallet with simpler UI, VantageScore integration and streamlined asset validation

App enhancements make it easy for consumers to generate a Qualified Borrower Medallion and get connected with competitive loan offers


FormFree®, a leader in financial technology since 2007, today announced significant enhancements to Passport Wallet®, an innovative app that transforms how everyday people access loans. Available now in the Apple App Store and Google Play, the latest version of Passport Wallet is designed to make it easier than ever for consumers to understand their ability to pay and match with lenders. 

Enhancements introduced since Passport Wallet’s initial launch in January 2024 underscore FormFree’s commitment to financial empowerment and inclusivity. These include:

  • Streamlined User Interface:
    FormFree has listened to user feedback and responded by streamlining the borrower UI within the Passport Wallet app. More than 10 screens have been removed, resulting in a smoother and more efficient user journey. This enhancement is expected to increase the completion rate by consumers, reducing instances of app abandonment and ensuring a higher generation of Qualified Borrower Medallions. By making Passport Wallet more user-friendly, FormFree aims to facilitate stronger connections between consumers and financial institutions.

  • Upgrade to VantageScore:
    In a strategic move to enhance credit accessibility, FormFree has integrated VantageScore as the primary credit model within Passport Wallet, replacing the app’s previous reliance on FICO. VantageScore, a proven alternative credit model that has been gaining market share since 2006, offers distinct advantages over traditional models, including more consistent scoring and the ability to score an additional 33 million consumers. This upgrade particularly benefits demographics such as “young to credit” borrowers, dormant consumers and those with no credit accounts, ensuring a more inclusive approach to credit assessment.

  • Universal Connect Widget for Improved Asset Validation:
    FormFree is revolutionizing asset validation within Passport Wallet with the introduction of a universal connect widget. This widget allows seamless connections to consumers’ financial institutions through various data aggregators, including MX, Sophtron, and others. By expanding the sources for asset validation, FormFree enhances the accuracy and success rate of cash-flow analysis, providing a more comprehensive understanding of the consumer’s borrowing capacity.

“At FormFree, we believe in a financial system that serves everyone. By listening to our users and continuously improving, we’re creating a more inclusive and transparent financial future,” said FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler. “Passport Wallet is changing the way high-intent consumers who are ready for a mortgage loan find the perfect-match lender who’s motivated to finance them.”

Explore the enhanced features of Passport Wallet and discover your borrowing power today.

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