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FormFree Launches Passport: A New Way to Streamline Credit and Loan Processes

FormFree, a leader in financial technology since 2007, announces the launch of Passport.

Athens, Georgia–(Newsfile Corp. – January 23, 2024) –  In a bold move to redefine the lending landscape, FormFree®, a leader in financial technology since 2007, today announces the launch of Passport®. This innovative platform promises to transform how everyday people access loans, marking a significant step towards a more transparent and inclusive financial future.

The Problem with Credit Scores: A low credit score has been a barrier to financial products and opportunities for millions. Recent studies show that nearly half of Millennials feel restricted by their credit scores, and an estimated 45 million Americans are either credit-invisible or have unscorable financial histories. Traditional credit scoring systems exclude a significant portion of the population, hindering their access to essential financial services.

Enter Passport and RIKI®: Passport by FormFree introduces a groundbreaking solution: the RIKI® score (Residual Income Knowledge Index®). Unlike traditional credit scores, RIKI utilizes an individual’s banking data to create a more accurate picture of their borrowing power. This approach focuses on real-life financial details like income and expenses, offering a fair and comprehensive measure of one’s Ability to Pay® (ATP®).

User-Friendly and Secure: Accessing loans through Passport is straightforward and secure. Users can easily sign up for a free account via the mobile app, connect their bank accounts, and receive a financial profile in minutes. FormFree prioritizes user privacy and security, employing encryption standards on par with major financial institutions.

A New Dawn for Lenders and Borrowers: The introduction of Passport and RIKI is poised to significantly disrupt the finance and loan industry. As lending conditions tighten due to high-interest rates and escalating home prices, Passport offers a solution by generating a Qualified Borrower Medallion. This feature enables lenders to access a stream of qualified, high-intent leads, ensuring competitiveness and adaptability in varying market conditions.

FormFree’s Vision for Financial Inclusivity: At the heart of FormFree’s innovation is a commitment to inclusivity and empowerment in financial services. “We believe in a financial system that serves everyone, not just a select demographic,” says the founder of FormFree. The company is dedicated to providing tools like Passport that give people control over their financial data and open up new possibilities for financial growth and stability.

To learn more about FormFree and discover your borrowing power with Passport, visit

About FormFree®

Founded in 2007, FormFree is a pioneering technology company with over 220 years of combined experience in housing finance, data research, and FinTech. FormFree is dedicated to democratizing access to credit and building a more inclusive financial landscape.


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