FormFree and Brimma Tech announce partnership to expedite matching of prospective homebuyers with best-fit loan products and lenders

Brent Chandler, founder and CEO of FormFree, will join Brimma’s advisory board

Mortgage software development and solutions firm Brimma Tech (Brimma) today announced a strategic collaboration with ability-to-pay fintech FormFree®. The integration of Brimma’s AI-enabled chatbot service into FormFree’s Passport® mobile app will make it possible for prospective homebuyers to find their ideal loan product from the convenience of their mobile device, without the need to first complete a detailed loan application.

Passport gives consumers one place to manage their complete Financial DNA® — including assets, employment, income, public records, credit score and rent payment history — and makes it easy to securely share this information with lenders when shopping for a mortgage loan or other financial service.

Founded in 2016, Brimma is a sanctioned Solution Provider Partner for ICE Mortgage Technology® that helps mortgage lenders optimize their investments in technology through bespoke business optimization solutions. Brimma’s Vallia Chat bridges the gap between the information in a lender’s loan origination system (LOS) and the people who need it by allowing loan officers and consumers to ask questions and get answers in plain English.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Brimma Tech to enhance our Passport mobile app with conversational interactions that expedite the matching of prospective homebuyers with best-fit loan products and the lenders that provide them,” said FormFree Founder and CEO Brent Chandler, who will join Brimma’s advisory board as part of the deal. “Together, we can provide consumers and lenders with even more accurate and timely data to make informed lending decisions.”

Said Brimma CEO Supree Periasamy, “We are excited to join forces with Brent and his team to combine FormFree’s industry-leading ability-to-pay analytics with Vallia Chat’s comprehensive understanding of loan underwriting guidelines and sophisticated parsing of borrower interactions. We also welcome Brent to our advisory board, where his experience will be invaluable as we continue to innovate and enhance our offerings in the financial technology space.”

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