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Women & Wealth: Why Financial Literacy is Essential to Women’s Financial Success (Roostify)

Financial literacy faces a profound gender gap. In a survey of 150,000 adults spanning over 140 economies about money and their financial knowledge, just 30% of women could be considered “financially literate.” Women also preferred to opt out of answering financial questions they were unsure of much more frequently than men, rather than attempting to answer and possibly getting the question wrong.

But this isn’t just a matter of a lack of knowledge or confidence. A woman’s relationship to her finances is shaped by many factors: her experience, education, family life, patterns, and associations with money. And it begins young. According to a study at Purdue University, children understand the concept of money by age three. Many of them have money habits set by age seven.

This is where the financial literacy gender gap begins—and the implications echo on throughout a woman’s lifetime. We can (and need to) do better—as families, as societies, and as institutions—to ensure that women are financially literate from a young age.

For this blog post, we’ve interviewed Christy Moss. Christy, who currently leads Sales & Marketing at FormFree, has built a successful career in the mortgage industry and has always been passionate about teaching young women about financial literacy.

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